Tuesday, February 8, 2011


I look fly, I look good.
And I made that cowl.
Okay, maybe I'm exaggerating. It's something special, though. Sometimes I forget that I don't talk to some of my friends every single day, let alone update them on my life. That's what I'm doing right now. That glorious picture of me is from a Cru event a couple weeks ago. We went bowling (yeah, I bowled a 59). The phrase, like a boss, comes to mind.

Anyway, God has been doing some pretty cool things. After a series of some stupidity, I was really humbled. Like, really, REALLY humbled. It kinda made me realize that I've been taking my faith for granted. This was probably one of the most challenging epiphanies I've ever experienced, but by His goodness, He has brought me back to a much better place.

School-wise, I'm really looking forward to this semester to be over. Let me lay this out for you: Drawing, Environmental Literature, French History, Medieval History, and History Seminar all on top of track practice. Yup, I regret it. Though, I do get to go to the Nebraska Archives on Thursday for my seminar. (: However, I'm done with my history after this semester and only need 6 more hours of art. And only need 21 more credits to graduate. SOOO CLOSE!

Speaking of track, I just started actual javelin training this week. I'm sore and out of shape. I feel like I'm turning into Hulk Hogan or the Situation because I'm in the weight room so often. It's gross! I just wish that my doctor would just do the elbow surgery and get it over with instead of around for me to tear it out myself. I can't wait to have a Tommy John surgery. . .

I'm doing alright. So don't worry about me. (: I'm just asking for prayers for my Grandma. This January she was diagnosed with kidney cancer, so she needs our prayers. And my friend Mina. She's 25, Nepalese, and is in the process of recovering from years of slavery. She's in need of seeing that there are people out there that have never met her, but love her unconditionally.

Miss ya'll so much. <3 And I'm in the process of making something for ya'll, so be patient and something neat-o will be coming your way! Love you!


  1. Wonderful blog, my friend. Enjoy your classes...and always remember...it could be worse! If you ever need a reminder of that, come do my homework! :)Love you, Ben!

  2. Brit- I could read your writing for days. its SO entertaining! You should write a book. But I will be praying for grandma & friend. You ROCK!