Friday, February 25, 2011

Love and things of that nature.

Well, let's face it - I'm obsessed with love. All of it. True love, puppy love, brotherly love, it doesn't matter as long as it is love. And I can't wait to be in love for that matter. Sadly, it's starting to control my mind and actions. I've become a love junkie. Somehow, even though I know that God loves me and has a splendid plan for me, I've grown impatient with the idea of Mr. Right being out there. He's probably just jacking around until we bump paths while ordering coffee and accidentally mix up our drinks or something serendipitous like that. Or waiting in line for the doors to open at a concert. Or in the weight room. Or in traffic. I'm not picky about that. Just the idea that he could be out there is killing me. I just need to be faithful to God. Until the fateful day that we meet or realize that we're made for each other, I'll just hang out, being awesome or something. Marvel in these lovely pictures for a bit.

I've composed a list of things I'd truly enjoy for my future husband.
A fusband, if you will.

1. Must be a God-fearing and God-loving man, who will always love God more than he loves me. Even though he'll love me a whole lot.

The rest of these are just preferences, but it's whatever.
2. Preferably politically left-winged, but if he's not, we just won't talk politics. Easy as that.
3. Baseball fan, and will not make fun of me for being a Royals fan.
4. Loves his family. And mine.
5. Will not make fun of me for drinking PBR.
6. Must like big dogs because I plan on owning a couple.
7. Taller than me. And if you know me at all, you'll know that I appreciate the heavier guys.
Roll tide.
8. Will watch horror movies with me. And won't make fun of me for believing in ghosties.
9. Appreciates my eclectic music.
10. Loyalty is key.

I want something like this: wildly euphoric and vulnerable, but comfortable knowing that this person will never intentionally hurt you in any way. I think I can wait for that.

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