Saturday, October 30, 2010

My friend, Matt's testimony. Please watch this.

I spent my summer in Ocean City, MD, on a Summer Project through Campus Crusade for Christ. Easily one of the best decisions of my entire life. I grew so much in my faith, and learned that there is a Christian community still holding strong. Matt was also on project, and his testimony just had a huge impact on how I view my own story. Maybe you'll get a taste of it someday. Remember: if God isn't relevant in today's society, what is?

Monday, October 25, 2010

I haven't missed this.

So, I finally got cleared to participate in track again. Needless to say, I wasn't looking forward to this day. Looks like I'm going to be spending the next week and a half too sore to climb into my loft and sleeping on the floor.  And the worst part about collegiate track is the awkward time chunk it takes out of my day to do homework (pshhttt. We all know I don't do homework).  But 4 to (supposed to be) 6 every day is just down-right inconvenient.

Also, when I was in the weight room today, I noticed that I was the only person in there without that y chromosome. I wasn't self-conscious or anything to be in there, but as there were some definite creepers lurking around the decline bench, I was incredibly self-aware. I don't want to attract any molestaches in the weight room. Not my thing. These photogs, however, are magnificent:

It's Beardface!

King Moustache

I haven't missed being drenched in sweat post-workout. Something about a loose, long-sleeved T-shirt clinging to my triceps is rather unappealing. And peeling my drenched elbow sleeve off of my elbow isn't the bee's knees. The stank is also something I haven't missed. Not me, I never stink; but, somehow, I manage to get a whiff of the football players in Fuhrer at the same time as the track team. I don't understand how that happens. Oh yeah, I do. I can't wait for them to leave the field house.

I have, however, missed my javelin shoes from circa 1987. They're so sick. Orange, purple and white- does it get much cooler? If so, I haven't seen it anywhere, and you should point me in that direction. I've also missed my teammates. Not the distance runners, or sprinters, or jumpers, or vaulters, or hurdlers, or multieventers, but the throwers (JKJKJK). Yes, them. I love the throwers. They make me feel better about how I can't run a 200 without passing out. And they're hilarious. I kinda miss being a "real" thrower.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

And so it begins. . .

What better way to avoid the mountains of homework, beckoning me back to my desk, than to start a blog? You'd think that after being at college for over two years I'd have it all figured out. Not even close. The only thing college has taught me is to avoid swans and how to procrastinate like a champ.  No joke - I have a rough draft for my art history class due on Wednesday and a presentation for a literature class due Friday, neither of which have been started. Should I get cracking? Yes. Will I? Probably not. I get drawn in to other things, like playing Lion King on SNES or watching reruns of Cheers. Quality, right? 

I think, if anything, college has turned me into a bum. I don't remember being this person in high school, but I also don't remember a lot from high school. I feel like once I finish school work, I'll be a straight-up, grown person. And do I know what I'm doing with my life? Absolutely not. The first thing I remember wanting to be was a dinosaur. I chased that dream for a solid year and a half, but I haven't done anything since. And at 20, I don't think it's appropriate for me to take up walking around on my tip-toes, roaring and causing ruckus. 
But that's what I do - I have a goal in mind for a short period of time, and drop it when I get to close to reaching it and get scared. (That's not really the case with the dino thing; I got really disheartened when I didn't  see any progress.) The thing is, I know that God will do something with my life, regardless of my procrastination. If He wants it to happen, He'll make it happen no matter how much I drag my feet. God's pretty cool like that. But the future is scary even if you have faith in Him - what if what He gives you passed by without you realizing it? Maybe I should have chased that dinosaur thing . . . He wouldn't do that to me.