Monday, February 28, 2011

Why does all of my favorite stuff break?

I don't know what the deal is, but everything I love is breaking. Like my red wayfarers, this last fall, I was sitting there at church, and one of my friends reaches over and takes a look at them. I didn't think anything of it at the time, but when I reached for them to put them on when I was leaving, one of the arms (?) fell off. Needless to say, I was devastated. You don't find red wayfarers every day.

And today. As I was leaving a meeting, I pull on my jacket and walk back to Hansen, and when I get back my watch fell off of my wrist. Not like I hadn't latched it up right, but it had broken at where the watch face connects to the strap. And this wasn't any old watch. It was the orange one I bought in Ocean City. I LOVE this watch. I hope I can pull it back together. Until then, I won't know the time.

Sunday, February 27, 2011


Lately, I've been weighed down by uncertainties. Like, weighed down a lot. The future scares the heck out of me. I've compiled a list of terrifying realizations, related to the future or not, they're still terrifying. 
  1. I could potentially be graduating next December.
  2. If that's the case, I won't get to compete in outdoor track.
  3. I have 3 biggish writing assignments due on Thursday and I have yet to start. (instead I'll blog about them)
  4. Will I be eligible for off-campus housing? And if not, how will I find a loophole?
  5. I only have one beer left in my fridge.
  6. I'm super out of shape. Hello, crappy season.
  7. The recycling is eating the room, but the bin outside is covered in snow.
  8. There's a disgusting spider web on the ceiling and I want nothing more than to get rid of it, but I'm far too short.
  9. Everyone I know is too short, for that matter. You'd have to be a solid 9 feet tall to get that bad boy.
  10. My elbow isn't improving.
  11. It's almost flippin' March. What happened to February?
  12. Stop Day is too far away.
  13. I'm missing a wine glass.
  14. I'm still sick. I want this cold gonezo.
  15. I have a Christmas tree in my SUV . . . still.
  16. This room looks like a war zone.
  17. I can't find my mittens.
  18. There's impending crappy weather and I need to start throwing that javelin.
  19. I need to do laundry.
  20. I haven't seen my puppies since January. BIG problem.
Daisy and June-bug
Aren't they beautiful?
And I miss my girls.

Laugh at my misfortune, chumps.

Saturday, February 26, 2011


Recently, Mairin, Molly, Sarah and I have been working on some off-campus living stuff and it has just made me think a lot about my own house someday. I can't wait to have a home that I can decorate to my tastes, and everything isn't beige, maroon and green like my mother's. Not that there was anything wrong or upsetting about that, it just isn't me. It's too planned out. I know, right? Shocking that something is too organized for me. . . or not really. I just want a living space that is filled with stories. Where did I get that? Who gave it to me? Why is it important to me? I want to carefully create a sloppy vintage look in my house/apartment/van down by the river. Something mildly avant-garde or kitschy, if you will (even though the latter has kind of a negative connotation, but whatev). And of course, I have some ideas, because the interwebs has a lot of great ideas. Thanks for the ideas, dear, sweet interwebs.

I mean, really, how great is this clock?

Those are just a couple of ideas. Other things I want in my dream house:  a library or built-in bookcase, a breakfast nook, a back porch, enough room for big dogs, and a dungeon (lol). Are there any listings in the Lincoln area? Hope you're having a great Saturday.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Love and things of that nature.

Well, let's face it - I'm obsessed with love. All of it. True love, puppy love, brotherly love, it doesn't matter as long as it is love. And I can't wait to be in love for that matter. Sadly, it's starting to control my mind and actions. I've become a love junkie. Somehow, even though I know that God loves me and has a splendid plan for me, I've grown impatient with the idea of Mr. Right being out there. He's probably just jacking around until we bump paths while ordering coffee and accidentally mix up our drinks or something serendipitous like that. Or waiting in line for the doors to open at a concert. Or in the weight room. Or in traffic. I'm not picky about that. Just the idea that he could be out there is killing me. I just need to be faithful to God. Until the fateful day that we meet or realize that we're made for each other, I'll just hang out, being awesome or something. Marvel in these lovely pictures for a bit.

I've composed a list of things I'd truly enjoy for my future husband.
A fusband, if you will.

1. Must be a God-fearing and God-loving man, who will always love God more than he loves me. Even though he'll love me a whole lot.

The rest of these are just preferences, but it's whatever.
2. Preferably politically left-winged, but if he's not, we just won't talk politics. Easy as that.
3. Baseball fan, and will not make fun of me for being a Royals fan.
4. Loves his family. And mine.
5. Will not make fun of me for drinking PBR.
6. Must like big dogs because I plan on owning a couple.
7. Taller than me. And if you know me at all, you'll know that I appreciate the heavier guys.
Roll tide.
8. Will watch horror movies with me. And won't make fun of me for believing in ghosties.
9. Appreciates my eclectic music.
10. Loyalty is key.

I want something like this: wildly euphoric and vulnerable, but comfortable knowing that this person will never intentionally hurt you in any way. I think I can wait for that.

Thursday, February 24, 2011


I've been a fool. CROCHETING FOOL, that is. Cowl: donezo. Afghan: blehhh. It's taking forever, but I love it. Slippers: I just keep going. I can't stop making slippers. They're so quick, easy, and above all else, CUTE. Just 12 (or 14) granny squares, some single crochets, and some chilly feet for them to cover -- that's seriously it. Once I drop out of college, or fail out, whichever comes first, I will make my living off of the manufacturing and retail of granny square slippers. Maybe if you play your cards right, you'll get a pair of them. Just shoot me an email or something and I'll get them to you.

These were made for my friend Kent.

Made these for my grandma while she's in the hospital.
All the nurses are peanut butter and jealous.

These are mine.

Made these for A-Rose. They'll be on their way soon!

But really, if you want a pair of these bad boys, let me know. I love making slippers. And I'm proud of my work. (: Well, that's all. Hope you have a stupendous Thursday. Stay frosty, kids.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


I look fly, I look good.
And I made that cowl.
Okay, maybe I'm exaggerating. It's something special, though. Sometimes I forget that I don't talk to some of my friends every single day, let alone update them on my life. That's what I'm doing right now. That glorious picture of me is from a Cru event a couple weeks ago. We went bowling (yeah, I bowled a 59). The phrase, like a boss, comes to mind.

Anyway, God has been doing some pretty cool things. After a series of some stupidity, I was really humbled. Like, really, REALLY humbled. It kinda made me realize that I've been taking my faith for granted. This was probably one of the most challenging epiphanies I've ever experienced, but by His goodness, He has brought me back to a much better place.

School-wise, I'm really looking forward to this semester to be over. Let me lay this out for you: Drawing, Environmental Literature, French History, Medieval History, and History Seminar all on top of track practice. Yup, I regret it. Though, I do get to go to the Nebraska Archives on Thursday for my seminar. (: However, I'm done with my history after this semester and only need 6 more hours of art. And only need 21 more credits to graduate. SOOO CLOSE!

Speaking of track, I just started actual javelin training this week. I'm sore and out of shape. I feel like I'm turning into Hulk Hogan or the Situation because I'm in the weight room so often. It's gross! I just wish that my doctor would just do the elbow surgery and get it over with instead of around for me to tear it out myself. I can't wait to have a Tommy John surgery. . .

I'm doing alright. So don't worry about me. (: I'm just asking for prayers for my Grandma. This January she was diagnosed with kidney cancer, so she needs our prayers. And my friend Mina. She's 25, Nepalese, and is in the process of recovering from years of slavery. She's in need of seeing that there are people out there that have never met her, but love her unconditionally.

Miss ya'll so much. <3 And I'm in the process of making something for ya'll, so be patient and something neat-o will be coming your way! Love you!