Saturday, February 26, 2011


Recently, Mairin, Molly, Sarah and I have been working on some off-campus living stuff and it has just made me think a lot about my own house someday. I can't wait to have a home that I can decorate to my tastes, and everything isn't beige, maroon and green like my mother's. Not that there was anything wrong or upsetting about that, it just isn't me. It's too planned out. I know, right? Shocking that something is too organized for me. . . or not really. I just want a living space that is filled with stories. Where did I get that? Who gave it to me? Why is it important to me? I want to carefully create a sloppy vintage look in my house/apartment/van down by the river. Something mildly avant-garde or kitschy, if you will (even though the latter has kind of a negative connotation, but whatev). And of course, I have some ideas, because the interwebs has a lot of great ideas. Thanks for the ideas, dear, sweet interwebs.

I mean, really, how great is this clock?

Those are just a couple of ideas. Other things I want in my dream house:  a library or built-in bookcase, a breakfast nook, a back porch, enough room for big dogs, and a dungeon (lol). Are there any listings in the Lincoln area? Hope you're having a great Saturday.

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