Saturday, January 8, 2011

Ghost hunting?

I wonder if it requires a hunting license that can purchased from Cabela's. Okay, not really. This intertem, I'm taking a class called Ghosts in Fact & Fiction. And it is sick. We've been split into groups and have been told to go hunt these bad boys. Straight-up Ghostbusters style. I just want this assignment to be LEGIT. I've been trying to research the location in Lincoln that we'll be stomping tomorrow night. . . to no avail.  I think I've delved through all of what the internet has to offer on the location. Yup, it's by a church in Lincoln. That's the extent of what I've researched. But I've compiled some interview questions that I'm hoping to ask the occupant of the location. I'm looking forward to some stories of experiences from someone who has actually lived there. It'll be sweet. I've also bought a red-lensed flashlight, electrical tape, and a ghost hunting note book. I'm just pumped about it. Saturday evening, 10 pm, I'll be hunting ghosties. I wonder if TAPS is looking for someone to fill a position. . .

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