Thursday, January 6, 2011

Crocheting Like a Champ

In honor of the season premier of Jersey Shore, I completely destroyed the sacred art of crocheting. Whatever. Worth it.

I love interterm. You get to come back to good ol' Doane after DCC, hang out with the suiteys, hunt ghosties for a class, go to track practice (wait. . . what?), and crochet like it's nobody's business. The past week I've been back, I've completed a pair of purple and grey slippers, which, by the way, I'm completely stoked about. I'm working on a popcorn-stitch cowl scarf (almost done). And that darn afghan is still incomplete. I just want you all to know that I have rekindled my love for yarn. And knots. And having crochet hooks in my hair. Yup, I'm living the dream in Crete. The pictures of my completed projects will come at a later date, but these are the colors I've been working with:
Afghan Colors. It's one big granny square.

Slipper Colors. Again, a bunch of granny squares.

Cowl Scarf color. It's so great.

I hope you're all excited to see them complete. May God bless you this glorious interterm day.

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