Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Continental Stereotypes.

I am stuck on the N of republicans. Also known as southeast Nebraska. Perhaps not the most chic of glorious Amurrrrican locations, but alas, it is home.  I could be hanging out with only cowboys and livestock. Or sweating balls in the Amurrican southwest. Or drowning in fried chicken. Who am I kidding, I wouldn't mind that one bit. I sometimes dream about how different my life would be if I were living somewhere more glamorous. Like with the fabulously unhappy people. Not only am I perpetually pissed, but I'm an avid anti-socialite. I can definitely do angry and rude, but I can't deal with the huge number of other angry, rude people that have flocked in that direction. Or imagine me living with the obnoxious, life-of-the-party people. I mean, seriously, California, calm down. You keep it up, and the rest of the great states are kicking you out via earthquake. And speaking of intolerable douchebags, rainy hipsters: shut up. We get it, you're rad. And if there is indeed a question about whether or not you are a hipster, chances are it's a yes - a caffeinated, beanie-wearing hipster (I wish I was cool). Somewhere I really want to be is in the middle of that glorious cheese steak. Stuck in a Philadelphia (lol, Mairin), no, but physically in the beautiful city. Basically I just want to see me OCMDSP '10 buddies. Or I could live anywhere there are sailors. I love me some salty men.

Honestly, I think stereotypes like this, albeit hilarious, are inaccurate (so don't get pissy with me).  I mean, look at me: I'm a communist in Nebraska who is also a fan of Sooner football. Lawl, right? I love people that go against the social norm. They're fabulous.

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