Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Reflections on baseball and things of that sort.

I feel like it goes without saying, but sometimes I really suck. Like, really suck. Yes, it probably has something to do with the fact that I'm undoubtedly the most socially awkward person I know. And emotionally inept. And sometimes just too blunt for my own good (and I'm well aware that I sound like Dr. House, thank you).  Perhaps what bothers me the most about myself ('cause let's face it: I love being the girl who cannot and will not sugar coat anything) is the fact that I tend to overlook things that aren't bearing down on me, such as homework and other deadlines. For example: tonight before the Cru meeting, for which, of course, I was scrambling to finish slides, I was crushing it with the multitasking and watching the Texas-Detroit game and Aretha Franklin's weirdo pants. Somewhere between typing Came to my Rescue and the opening pitch, it hit me. I do not appreciate things I used to. I get so wrapped up in my monotonous, every-day life, that I have just gotten to the point where I coast through a day, rather than fully enjoy what God has given me. Even this summer, I would have made time to watch a baseball game with my dad, albeit, I worked during a lot of the games, but I would have made time to hang out with Papa Goodner afterwards. Sadly, it's as if the things I once appreciated have enhanced the monotony. If I keep repeating them, nothing stands out, so I stop for a while, neglect them, and ask myself why I even stopped in the first place. It is, indeed, a vicious cycle. Perhaps I need to do some reevaluating of my life. (Want you all to know I just heard someone hack the gnarliest lugie known to man. It was awesome.) Anyway, moral of the story, so none of y'all follow my example, don't forget what makes your life enjoyable. The drudgery interwoven into college is tough to get around, but do not, for the love of all things decent, allow it to confine your life. Yes, it's menial, and no, you'll never use that again, even though your professor specifically told you that you will, don't let it weigh you down. I think most of all what I'm trying to say is that I've really missed watching baseball with my dad. And stop sucking. All of y'all. I'm serious.
and i know this has little to do with anything,
but i just wanted to share it.
i laughed for a solid 5 minutes.

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  1. Hey there, Britni! Loved it! You're totally right, and it doesn't just go for college. Sometimes, I get so caught up in "mommy crap" that I have to stop and remind myself that everything is pretty much awesome. Keep sharing your posts on FB, please :) Also, I didn't look at the baseball picture, because I'm almost positive I wouldn't get it. Please don't hate me.